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Dr Feelgood

The Place to Feel Ace

Sweet and Fluffy
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Hello and welcome to Sweet And Fluffy. We are so glad you could join us!

Who are we and what is our point: We here at Sweet and Fluffy support all things exactly that – sweet and fluffy. We are a place to share the love, drag out the get to know you meme’s, offer support and caring to another LJ-er who needs a cup of cheer, tell someone about a good day, post short fics or drabbles of a fun or light hearted nature. Our purpose is to bring a bit of cheer and happiness into the lives of our members.

Who and what we aren’t : We are not a place for wank or any other form of animosity towards anyone on Live Journal or any other form of blogging tool. Ever. We do not support flaming, hatred, exposition of personal matters regarding other people, linking to hate memes or abusive posting/commenting. Anyone found to be performing these actions here will have their post removed ASAP.

Need some posting ideas?: Here are a few things we like to read about.
· Your good day.
· Snap cups
· Telling people what you like about them
· Love and friendship posts
· Fluffy stories with happy endings
· Letting people know you care

The moderators will be checking posts and comments daily. Please keep all posts and comments on subject.

If Posting Ficlets or Drabbles please use the following layout:


Bio curtesy of shikishi
anonymous love memes, fluff, snaps cups, teh fluffy, the sweetest thing